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Travel health and safety

Travel health tipsTravel health and safety starts weeks before you leave so always check with your doctor as to a health travel plan.

Travel health


Resources for getting vaccinations and jabs before travelling


Travel to certain countries has a risk of malaria, so protect yourself as much as your can.


Travellers diarrhoea is almost inevitable but read how you can help prevent the worst.


How to help soothe sunburn and how to get a healthy tan.

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness precautions.

First aid kits

What a traveller should have in their first aid kit.

Travel safety

Travel scams

Hoaxes, rip-offs, scams, theft - you name it it's out there How to be a clued-up traveller.

Travel insurance

If things go wrong, make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover costs.

International Medical Rescue

If things go really wrong getting home in an emergency can be an expensive business.

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