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Thinking of travelling? Maybe doing a gap year trip, backpacking around the world or a cheap city break?

The Traveller's Lounge covers everything from travel health and safety to cheap car hire, discounted rail passes and overland adventure tours, plus the best digital cameras for travelling and where to get the cheapest travel insurance... it's all here to help you.

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Planning a Gap Year?

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Planning a gap year or round the world trip can be a time-consuming experience, but once you get the basics like planning your round the world route sorted, and booked your first night accommodation, the main pressure is off.

When you have your flights booked, it's time to organise your travel visas, vaccinations or gap year work or volunteering projects.

When you're booking your round the world flights remember to include as many surface sectors as possible. You don't want to fly everywhere! Popular overland trips for backpackers on gap years include the Trans Siberian rail journey, Euro railing, adventure trips and overland tours.

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