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Backpacking around the world

If you plan to backpack the world, Europe or Australia, etc, you need to plan your trip to make sure your costs do not get out of control.

Start planning your trip

Are you planning to work abroad while backpacking?

The first thing you need to consider is whether you plan to work while backpacking around the world.

There are lots of amazing opportunities and experiences for backpackers these days which often give something back to local communities or the environment.

There are many ways to spend your backpacking trip

Around the world flights

Go around the world

Backpacking around the world is a popular way to spend your Gap Year. Start planning your RTW flights or check out return flight prices to get an idea of your budget.

Backpacking jobs

Working when backpacking

Do you plan to work when backpacking around the world? If so, there are lots of projects and volunteer work which not only help local communities or the environment, but also look good for future employers.


Adventure and expedition

Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something adventurous is important for many people on backpacking trips. Why not book yourself on an overland adventure tour, Inter-rail around Europe or do the epic Trans Siberian railway.

How to start planning my backpacking trip

Working out how much money you will need to go backpacking is probably the first step your need to take when planning a backpacking trip.

Work out how much flights, hostels, and local transport (such as bus passes or tours) will be - after all you want to do something exciting when you're travelling!

Then don't forget your visa requirements, travel vaccinations and travel insurance before you go.

Read our full breakdown of what your need to do when planning a backpacking trip.

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