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Top 30 Unusual Foods

There are many weird and wonderful foods out there waiting to be devoured. Be adventurous - you may be surprised!

Unsual foods from round the world

Weird food Country Go there!
Crocodile Steaks Australia
Crocodile Kebabs Kenya
Elephant Steaks Kenya
Guinea Pig and Chips South America
Ostrich Burgers Australia, Kenya
Piranha Salad Brazil
Zebra Kebabs Kenya
Putrefied shark Iceland
Congealed sweetened pigs blood Thailand
Stewed chicken testicles Vietnam
Burnt sea slug Vietnam
Cuttlefish Vietnam
Raw fish bowels Vietnam
Cold shredded jellyfish China
Smoked horse Kazakhstan
Sheep stomach Kazakhstan
Wichity grub soup Australia
Camel curry Australia
Smoked emu Australia
Raw ostrich Namibia
Springbok Namibia
Water buffalo skin Laos
Wildebeest Tanzania
Smoked reindeer Sweden
Duck's gizzards France
Smoked donkey Italy
Horse burgers Slovenia
Turtle Peru
Dog China
Curried frog, inc head and guts Thailand
Live lemon ants Ecuador

...you get the idea! (Some of the meat sold would come from specific culls to keep numbers down in certain areas).

Why not go on a cooking holiday to gain tips from experts abroad?

Unusual foods in China

There is a saying in China that "we eat anything with four legs. Apart from the table".

This really sums up the differences in attitudes to food from people around the world. What is acceptable to eat in one place is considering degrading or unacceptable in another, but very little food is wasted in China which is admirable.

Thanks to Ian Christopher for his contributions - you're a brave man!

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