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Planning a backpacking or round the world trip

Tips for getting the most from your around the world trip, sabbatical or gap year backpacking adventure, from your travel plans to your travel health and safety.

Also, understanding how much money you will need to budget for, what the weather will be like, what visas you will need, how to pack your rucksack properly and how to get around when you're there:

The Planning Phase

How much money do I need?

Work out the budget for your trip around the world or Europe so you can plan your trip better. Work out daily and monthly backpacking costs, and factor in if you are planning to work abroad.

Understand RTW flight tickets

Planning your round the world flight ticket route using these basic principles and insider tips. Understand how to plan a cost-effective RTW route.


Read other backpacker's experiences and stories of travelling around the world.

Destination guides

Find out what activities to do and what to see in each country, such as the popular destinations of Australia and New Zealand, as well as South Africa and Cambodia.

Working abroad

Working abroad can enhance your travelling experience immensely - and it doesn't mean you have to be stuck behind a desk. Why not volunteer to protect turtles or pandas, or give something back to communities you visit by teaching or building wells.


Work out the best times to travel to each country.

2 Book it up

Round the world flights

Book your round the world or multi-stop flights. Did you know you can book complex round the world flight tickets online now?

Cheap return, one-way and open-jaw flights

How and where to get cheap flights.


Booking accommodation is so much cheaper if booked in advance than if you just turned up, so research and book your hotels before you travel. Backpackers can reserve a bed in a hostel online for under a dollar!!

3 Get ready to leave


Which visas do you need?


Travel vaccinations are essential for certain parts of the world, find out more and get discount vouchers.

Travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is essential for any trip in case you get ill or even need to cancel your trip, so read our top tips for getting cheap travel insurance.

Best digital cameras

Get a good digital camera so you can capture all those shots.

Travel gear

Make sure you've got all the essentials for travelling around the world, like travel first aid kits, a strong backpack and other stuff.

Packing tips

How to pack a rucksack properly (yes, there is a proper way), plus what to pack in it.

4 When you're there

Travel money

How to take your money when travelling. Work out the exchange rates with our online currency converter and choose which money belt is best.

Food and drink

How to eat safely and healthily abroad, even when eating unusual foods.

Travel health

How to stay healthy and safe when travelling, from treating sunburn to stopping diarrhoea, plus more.

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BA often have cheap flight offers and discounts

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Great for deals on flight and hotel combinations

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It's always worth checking the latest last minute flights

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