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Where to get cheap flights

BA cheap flights

BA often have cheap flight offers and discounts

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Great for deals on flight and hotel combinations

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It's always worth checking the latest last minute flights

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The best way to get cheap flights is to book your flight tickets as early as possible as only a certain number of seats are available on the special cheap fares.

Booking flights online is another great way to save money and get cheaper flights.

How to get the cheapest flights

Buy tickets in advance

Avoid flying on a weekend

Avoid flying during peak travel periods like school holidays

Consider early morning or late night flights

Keep an eye open for offers and flight sales

Pay with a debit card

And some extra tips...

Typically, flights to the USA are cheaper if a Saturday night is included, however, flights to Europe are cheaper if you fly mid-week and avoid weekends. Flights to Australia are notoriously expensive at Christmas so book early.

Always try to be flexible with your dates in order to get the cheapest flight tickets.