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Travelling by train is a cost effective way of getting around in many countries, especially where rail passes exist. Train travel in Europe is very popular amongst backpackers and independent travellers as train tickets and passes are cheap and can save on accommodation by booking overnight cabins.

InterRail Passes

From the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean the best way to explore Europe is the Inter Rail. It's great value for money too, starting from as little as £10 a day!

Catch overnight sleeper trains to save money on accommodation.

Standards are often more comfortable than travelling long distance by coach as it may be possible to book sleeper berths on most trains.

InterRail Passes are a cheap and easy way of getting around Europe, whether you are backpacking or want to travel in comfort.

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USA Rail Passes

Discover the whole North American continent. From the wilds of Canada or Alaska to the laid back cities of the southern States, you can see it all by train.

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Austrailia by rail

Visit haunting Uluru, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or see in the New Year in Sydney? You can do this and more.

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Japan by rail

Ride the amazing bullet trains in Japan. Such a unique experience.

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Trans Siberian Railway

The Trans Sib Railway runs through Russia, Mongolia and China, with different stop options.

Trans Siberian

In the States there is Amtrak for North American rail passes.

Most countries within Asia have cheap rail travel but few offer travel passes. Most travellers combine sections with coach trips and cheap internal flights.