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Travel First Aid Kits

We highly recommend that you take at least a basic and well looked after First Aid Kit with you on your travels, especially when travelling through lesser developed countries.

Our pick of the best travel first aid kits

These are the best first aid kits for travellers on the market in our opinion.

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Should I buy a ready made travel first aid kit?

Pre-packed first aid kits can be bought from travel health clinics and pharmacies and have most things you will need for travelling abroad and backpacking, but you can also put together your own first aid kit depending on where you are planning on travelling to.

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If you are heading for more remote or less developed destinations (such as parts of Africa, Asia and South America) you should consider purchasing a more comprehensive first aid kit to include sterile needles, syringes, etc., which are not so necessary for a short break to Thailand.

What should be included in a First Aid Kit?

These are the basics for a travel first aid kit:

Plasters (Band Aids) -
Tubular bandages -
Elasticated support bandage -
Micropore tape -
Melolin dressings (non sticky) -
Butterfly closures (for open wounds) -
Stronger painkiller (Ibruprofen)
Diarrhoea tablets
Rehydration tablets (Diarolyte)
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Antihistamine tablets (eg Benadryl)
Iodine (for small cuts etc)
Travel sickness pills
Vaseline (for ticks/cracked heels)
Sterile hypodermic needles
Antiseptic Wipes
Antiseptic cream
Cold & flu tablets

Remember to take out adequate travel insurance