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Surface Sectors and Open Jaws

You do not have to fly in and out from the same city when you book your round the world flights. In fact it can even work out cheaper if you do not.

A list of classic overland routes are detailed below as well as some unusual or demanding journeys.

What is a Surface Sector?

A surface sector is when you travel independently between two flight points en-route to your final destination. For example:

A surface sector between Thailand and Singapore on a RTW ticket

London - Bangkok surface to Singapore - Sydney - Los Angeles - London

Travelling overland comes extremely recommended if you have the time. You get to see far more of the country and really get a sense of travelling.

What is an Open Jaw?

An open jaw is a surface sector at your final point of turnaround - or furthest point from where you started. For example:

An open jaw flight between Perth and Sydney on a RTW ticket

London - Singapore - Perth surface to Sydney - Los Angeles - London

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These two aspects of a round the world flight can be combined in most tickets to create some very interesting routings and also do not add to the cost of the ticket as they count as one stop - not two.

View some surface sector tours. You can even book your place online.

Classic overland routes

Bangkok surface to Singapore

Sydney surface to Cairns

Auckland surface to Christchurch

New York surface to Los Angeles

Durban surface to Cape Town

More adventurous surface sectors

Moscow surface to Beijing (Trans-Siberian)

Rio de Janeiro surface to Lima

Saigon surface to Hanoi, Vietnam

Nairobi surface to Jo'burg (Safari trip)

Islamabad surface to Beijing (Silk Road)

Cairo surface to Istanbul

New York surface to Santiago

Bangkok surface to Hanoi

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